Warsaw Convention

Notice : If the passenger’s journey involves an ultimate destination or stop in a country other than the country of departure the
Warsaw Convention may be applicable and the Convention governs and in most cases limits the liability of carriers for death or
personal injury and in respect of loss of or damage to baggage. See also notice headed “Advice to International Passengers on
Limitation of Liabilities”.


1. As used in this contract “ticket” means this passenger ticket and baggage check, of which these conditions and the
notices form part, “carriage” is equivalent to “transportation”, “carrier” means all air carriers that carry or undertake
to carry the passenger or his baggage hereunder or perform any other service incidental to such air carriage,
“WARSAW CONVENTION” means the Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules Relating to International
Carriage by Air signed at Warsaw, 12th October 1929, or that Convention as amended at The Hague, 28th September
1955, whichever may be applicable.
2. Carriage hereunder is subject to the rules and limitations relating to liability established by the Warsaw
Convention unless such carriage is not “international carriage as defined in the Convention”. Nevertheless,
within France, in virtue of articles L.321-3 and L322-3 of the French Civil Aviation Code, carrier’s liability is
governed by the Warsaw Convention an every convention modifying it and applicable in France, even
whenever transportation is not international according to meaning of this convention.
3. To the extent not in conflict with the foregoing carriage and other services performed by each carrier are subject to :
(I) provisions contained in this ticket, (II) applicable tariffs, (III) carrier’s conditions of carriage and related
regulations which are made part hereof (and are available on application at the offices of the carrier).
4. Carrier’s name may be abbreviated in the ticket, the full name and its abbreviation being set forth in carrier’s tariffs,
conditions of carriage, regulations or time tables : carrier’s address shall written on this ticket.
5. Any exclusion or limitation of liability of carrier shall apply to and be for the benefit of agents, servants and
representatives of carrier and any person whose aircraft is used by carrier for carriage and its agents, servants and
6. In case of damage to personal effects or baggage complaint must be made in writing to carrier forthwith after
discovery of the damage.
7. This ticket is good for carriage for one year from date of issue, except as otherwise provided in this ticket, in
carrier’s tariffs, conditions of carriage, or related regulations. The fare for carriage hereunder is subject to change
prior to commencement of carriage. Carrier may refuse transportation if the applicable fare has not been paid.
8. Carrier undertakes to use its best efforts to carry the passenger with reasonable dispatch. For meteorological reasons
the days and times on this ticket are subject to alteration without prior notice. Carrier may without notice substitute
alternate carriers or aircraft and may alter take off point shown on the ticket in case of necessity. Carrier assumes no
responsibility for making free road connections before or after a flight.
9. Passenger shall comply with the time and the place fixed by carried.
10. No agent, servant or representative of carrier has authority to alter, modify or waive any provision of the contract.

Carrier reserves the right to refuse carriage to any person who has acquired a ticket in violation of applicable law or
carrier’s tariffs, rules or regulations.

Passengers on a journey are advised that the provisions of a treaty known as the Warsaw Convention may be applicable to the
entire journey. Liability of the carrier for death or personal injury to passengers is limited in all cases to the equivalent of 100 000
SDR with a maximum of 114 400 Euros per passenger. Additional protection can usually be obtained by purchasing insurance
from a private company. Such insurance is not effected by any limitation of the carrier’s liability under the Warsaw Convention or
such special contracts of carriage. For further information, please consult your carrier or your insurance company.

Liability for loss, delay, or damage to baggage or personal effects is limited unless a higher value is declared in advance and
additional charges are paid. The liability limit is US $20.000 per kilo. Excess valuation may not be declared on certain types of
articles. The carrier assumes no liability for fragile or valuable articles. Further information may be obtained from the carrier.