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Frequently Asked Questions

The flight lasts an average of one hour, regardless of the region.

The whole service, meanwhile, can last three long hours, including transport from the meeting point to the take-off area, inflation operations, the pure aerial part, the “balloonists’ toast” at the end of the landing – very important! – and the return by minibus with the ground crew, longer or shorter depending on the distance covered in flight.

It depends on each area. We have different baskets to carry up 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 or 15 people.

The pilot choose the taking off site upon wind direction (to avoid, for example, flying over a too large forest and to make the flight as interesting as possible). 

Usually, the taking-off area is around 30 minutes from the meeting place.

The hot-air-balloon moving with the winds, the pilot only manage the altitude of the balloon by heating more or less the inside of the envelope, thanks to the burners. The balloon needs a good  air stability, an outside temperature not too high, as well as light winds.

The only way to meet all these conditions is to take-off one hour after the sunrise or two hours before the sunset, except in Provence, Pyrénées Orientales or Auvergne,  where flights occure only in the morning.           

But luckily, dawn and twilight are two very beautiful times of the day!

Because the wind speed, which is not necessarily the same on the ground as it is in the air – does not always allow us to do so.

With more than 20 km/h of wind, we have to cancel the flights, for safety reasons.

A fantastic, colorful and hilly landscape, depending on the region flown over. Without forgetting that each flight is unique since you cannot steer a hot-air-balloon… the wind chooses to make you discover the beauty of the nature!

Substantially the same as on the ground! Knowing that the balloon flies in the wind, there is no draft on board the basket. Without forgetting the heat given off by the burners… But you should plan to bring a jacket or sweater to dress when preparing the balloon or after landing.

The advantage of hot-air ballooning unlike other ways of air transport is being able to fly at a height of one meter and brush against the tops of trees or the beds of rivers, as at more than 1000 meters of altitude to have an overview of the landscapes!

Flights ultimately depend as much on the climatic conditions of the moment as on the desires of the passengers and their courage!

The flying season runs from April to October – this is the best season for good weather conditions, early in the morning or late afternoon when the air is calm and stable.

No, since the balloon is not attached to the ground (as a bridge or a ladder for example…), the phenomenon of vertigo does not exist!

During the flight, the basket is very stable and there is no sway. We feel very comfortable as soon as you take off.

If it is a love problem, nothing beats a hot air balloon flight to feel happy like a bird in flight…

If it is a heart problem and if you are thinking of taking a mountain flight, you better ask which one maximum altitude you will fly.

In other regions there is no contraindication! You just need to be healthy and flexible enough to climb into the basket, stand for an hour, and be able to hold a squat position for landing (5 minutes).

If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to consult a doctor.

Unfortunately, pregnant women and children under 6 are not allowed on board.

No, the passengers are standing for the duration of the flight, and squatting when landing.

How does a flight go?

After welcoming you, you leave your car at the meeting point and then our teams will transport you at the flight area.

On site, you can enjoy the spectacle of the preparations for the balloon, an impressive spectacle: assembly of the basket, inflation of the balloon.

It is also at this precise moment that we give you the safety instructions.

You are now on board… The pilot gently takes you to height. 

With the wind, without a precise itinerary, let yourself be carried away to brush the treetops and touch the clouds with your finger, without the slightest feeling of vertigo.

The magic moment will last about an hour. The spectacle unfolding before your eyes will remain etched forever in your memory.

During the flight, the pilot is in contact with the ground crew who come to greet you on landing.

With your feet on the ground but your head still in the clouds, you watch the ball slowly deflateand bow one last time in front of you.

Once the envelope of the hot-air balloon has been put away, you can enjoy the traditional “Toast des Aérostiers” – the Balloonist Toast – while sharing your impressions with your traveling companions.

A flight certificate is issued to each passenger.

Then everyone takes the way back in our vehicles.

Professionals at your service

The France Montgolfières company has existed for more than 30 years in France. She is, therefore, the holder of a great knowledge of balloon tourism.

The founders of this company have been pilots in the field of passenger transport for almost 30 years; it is thanks to this solid experience that everything was possible.

Our competence is noticed by all, customers and tourism professionals.

France Montgolfières has always been synonymous with: equipment at the cutting edge of technology, safety, experience and finesse of piloting.

In addition, our reservations center is available 7 days a week during the high season.

All these qualities, you will be able to find them only with us.

At France Montgolfières, we are proud to be a benchmark in terms of professionalism, comfort and safety.

This approval allows the holding companies to operate hot air balloons with more than three passenger seats.

You fly under the protection of the Warsaw Convention, the same convention that protects you when traveling by airliner. With this approval you have above all the pledge of a professional structure.

France Montgolfières uses equipment designed for passenger transport. This equipment is built by the largest balloon manufacturer in the world.

All our baskets are compartmentalized; thus the pilot, separated from the passengers, can manage his flight without hindrance.

Passengers are in compartments ranging from two to four people per compartment depending on the volume of the balloon, which ensures ease of use during the flight.

The edges of our baskets have an internal height of 110cm, thus providing a great feeling of security. The interior of the compartments is lined with padded protectors.

All France Montgolfières pilots receive specific training for passenger transport.

We apply internal regulations, described in our company’s operations manual.

These regulations ensure that the pilot of the hot air balloon you are in has the experience required for the type of hot air balloon he or she is flying.

This experience is validated by a minimum number of hours. A flight test for each new balloon category is also performed.

Our technical workshop checks all the balloons every year.

During this maintenance, each canvas, burner and basket are screened by our technical experts.

During the season our technicians are available 7 days a week. This allows us to work serenely with equipment that presents all the guarantees of safety as to its condition.

All vehicles and trailers are treated with the same care, in order to guarantee you, as a passenger, the best service available in France today.